Installation of a sound bar


After the installation of Visio E321VT flat screen TV, it became obvious pretty quickly that, in spite of the fact that the quality of the image is perfect, the sound quality is… well, “not good enough”. Of course, I did not expect “high fidelity”  sound quality, but I wanted to be able to hear movie’s sound tracks without straining my ears too much.  I must conclude – Visio E321VT  miserably failed in this simple test… I am not a big fun of “old-fashioned stile” silent films, so I desided to add a sepprate central speaker to my “RV theater” (probably, the next step will be the installation of the surround sound system, lol).

I bought an inexpensive RCA sound bar in Target. It was not too tricky to decide where to install it – there is more then enough space just above the TV.

A sound bar will be installed just above the  TV screen

A sound bar will be installed just above the TV screen

But I did not want to attach it directly to the wooden frame. It is very easy to drill a hole for a screw, but it is not easy to patch the hole if you decide to change something later.  So, I decided to install a separate wooden bar and hang the speaker on it like this:

Step 1 - attach the tree brackets to the wooden bar:

Step 2 – attach the bar to the frame:

step 3 – Put the frame back and hang the sound bar on it:

step 4 – put the flat screen back, connect the wire and  we are done!

It is done!

It is done!

step 5 – Enjoy movies with good quality sound tracks!


Disclaimer. In this article (and any article in DIY category) I just share my own experience in making some small fixes and improvements in my motorhome. If you decide to use this article in your own project, you will do so in on your own risk. Use your common seance, your best knowledge and follow the best working practice when you are working. Author doesn\'t take any responsibility for any property damage or personal injury which may occur.

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