No luck for the last weekend….

We had to cancel our trip to Lake Louisa state park because our coach was still in the body shop… “Camping Word” finished the most expensive part of the repair works pretty fast, but then started to play the fool. That was not what I expected from the respectable (as I thought) company. That reminded  me the  story that happend when we hired our very first contractor…

It happened several years ago when we bought our first house.  We needed to re-paint it and hired a contractor to do the job. That guy did half-of-work pretty quickly, and we paid him a half of the total price (our mistake, I agree, but we were young, naive  and had faith in humanity :-)) ). After that payment, Fred (that was the name of the painter) disappeared for several days. Then he got back, painted a bit and disappeared for several days again. And so on… The stories he was telling us in order to explain why the job was not done yet, were brilliant! They made a great respect for his imagination, I must admit it. I think,  on the day when he decided to devote his life to working as a contractor, mankind lost a big novelist. Of course, it was obvious that he just got another project somewhere else and maybe not even just one… At last I lost my patience, canceled the contact and finished the job by myself.

I really hope we won’t have the same experience with Camping Word service center, and our next long weekend will not be screwed up. In order not to finish this post on a sad note,  I want to post a small picture gallery from our recent trip to Niagara Falls.

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