Gold Head Branch State Park

  • Date - 07.03.2013.
  • Travel distance – 627.
  • Total mileage – 37619.

Last year on July 4th we made a long journey – we went to Gold Head Branch State Park not far from St.Augustine. We took one day off and, thus, we had total four days for the trip; just like a short vacation!  The plan was simple – we departed on Wednesday July 3th late afternoon, drove about two hours and made an overnight stop at Sunshine Travel RV Resort. Next morning we had to continue our driving to Gold Head Branch state park, and arrived here about 2pm. Sunshine Travel RV Resort is a convenient place for the overnight stop because it is located just alongside I95 highway. We didn’t have to spend any time to get it from I95.

Sunshine Travel RV Resort, at the morning July 4th :

SunshineRVResort_2 SunshineRVResort Trailer 

Generally speaking, we don’t like RV resorts, but Sunshine Travel RV was a nice place. I will tell more about it later.

We arrived in Gold Head state park about at 2 pm, as we expected. The campground was smaller then it appeared to be when I checked the map on the reserveamerica site, and that fact was the a bit disappointing.  We stayed on site 43.

Our site (#43)

The spot was long and shady, but there were other nice sites as well. For instance, sites 51 and 46. The interesting fact – site 51 is not showing in the site list on the reserveamerica site. It looks like a host site, but the actual host site is on another place.  Probably, site 51 can be reserved by phone.

site 46 site 51

You can rent a nice cabin there; the cabins are called “waterfront” and located on the bank of the Little Lake Johnson.

A cabin

To be exact, “the cabins are supposed to be waterfront”. Since the lake is very small nowadays,  that was a big disappointment.. If you will check the old maps, you can see big nice lakes located in the park:

Alas, this map is too old and now there are only memories left from the disappeared big lakes:

Big Lake Johnson Little Lake Johnson There was a lake there

Local development and general drought have made dramatic changes in the local water system over the last years. Forget about fishing and swimming (if you are not a kid) even during a rain season…

There are not  many trails in the park, except the  Florida Trail that passes through the park, so you can have really long hike if you wish.  Just bring lot of water and keep in mind that summer in Florida is not a very good time for such an activity.

Creek Devils Wash Basin Florida Trail

We stayed for two full days in  Gold Head Branch state park, and I have to say that it was not our best experience with Florida state parks. I don’t think we will return here again. I would prefer to explore another campgrounds near Palatka and lake George.

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