Hillsborough River, a parking accident

  • Date - 01.19.2013
  • Odometer – 33359
  • Odometer finally – 33623

This was our second trip to Hillsborough River state park in January. We had two reasons to go to Hillsborough again. The first reason was Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa (that is for me) and the second – NADAC dog agility trial in Zephyrhills (that is for my wife and the poodles). And, of course it is always good to spend a long weekend out of town. That was my though before this trip, BUT…

As Taoism states – “shit happens”. Well, this is exactly right. In this case “shit happend” when I parked on my site. In short, when I backed up, I hit the right front side of the coach against a tree.  It was immediately clear that the tree is stronger then the coach:

tree_damage_ rv_roof_damage_

There is short “debriefing”: we arrived at the state park about 11:30 PM. Our site was 63, and my wife was a spotter, as usual. When I backed up to the site, I was totally focused on her commands. Suddenly, I heard a nasty crunch from the right side of the coach… I applied the parking brakes and went out to take a look. What I saw made me mad – the coach hit a tree by the top side of the awning. I jumped into the driver seat, turned the wheels to the left and moved forward (VERY BIG MISTAKE!). Another, even more laud crunch… The result you may see on the picture above. Later, thinking of this accident and replaying this situation all over again in my mind, I realized that I made two big mistakes. First of all – I failed to turn on the patio’s light on the right side of the coach – it could produce enough light to see what is going on on your right. If I did so, I would be able to see the tree before I hit it. It was an easily prevented accident, just by thinking a bit before starting the moving. The second – I should have driven forward after the hit. I had to continue moving back, just to turn the wheels in the opposite detection. In this case, the damage would be much less extensive. But what happant – that happened…


Next Monday we dropped the coach in the nearest Camping Word service center, and returned at home by our Honda (that is a good idea to take a towable car even in short trips).

Of course, all this matter screwed up a bit this weekend. But we still had two very good days in Hillsborough River. I attended a very useful seminar regarding the tire safety  in Florida RV Super Show (by Walter Cannon, RVSEF). Our dogs run pretty well in the agility trial:

NADAC agility trial

Toy poodle Rizh is running!

And I finally saw the rapids on Hillsborough river:

Rapids on the Hillsborough River

Rapids on the Hillsborough River

Rapids on the Hillsborough River

Yes, this is the rapids…

Hillsborough River at dusk

Hillsborough River at dusk…

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    • Yep, but it’s almost over. We are going to pick it up from the body shop tomorrow!

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