Vero Beach. AKC agility trial.

  • Date - 02.22.2013
  • Odometer – 34054
  • Odometer finally – 34288

Last weekend we attended an AKC agility trial in Vero Beach, organized by the Treasurer Coast Kernnel Club.

The event took place in Indian River County Fairgrounds, from Friday to Sunday. The fairground has a nice RV parking with full hookup facilities.

Indian River County Fairgrounds

RV parking

We run our two toy poodles – Rizh and Copper. My wife run with Rizh. They are pretty experienced team, so I was not surprised when they took all first places. I run Copper. We are beginners, in fact. But we also did great job!

Cooper is winner!

The winner!

There is a small picture gallery of Rizh’s runs

On Saturday, I was able to make a picture of an owl! I knew there are several kinds of owl in Florida, but I have never see the adult owl before. I only heard  them screaming at night. At last I saw one. Look, she is a beauty, isn’t she?


Great Horned Owl

That was a very nice weekend!

3 Comments on “Vero Beach. AKC agility trial.

  1. great shot! Рыж герой!!!
    А можно как то сделать так чтобы фото совы можно было share на фб?

    • Thanks, but this is Cooper :-)
      You may download the image and post it to Facebook. You have my approval :-))

  2. Your dog looks so adorable, congratulations! And btw, I love your owl shot, it’s pretty amazing and stunningly beautiful.  I haven’t seen owls, even babies, and I really want to see one in person.  I saw a gif of 3 adult owls and their heads are turning like 360 degrees! that was really creepy,  but I love still. Kudos to your owl shot! ;)

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